When using our procurement services, the customers are always in control of their purchases and the purchase terms. We carry out evaluations of services and vendor alternatives and we also justify IT investments for the customer’s business organization.

Because we are an independent company, our customers can trust us to find the service providers with the solutions that best fit their needs and resources.

We are experienced in formulating the business case for IT purchases in such a way that the customer’s business organization recognizes the benefits of investments. We also carry out comparisons and evaluations of services and vendors for our customers.

Our procurement services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Business case creation
  • Scanning the market for vendor and product alternatives
  • Vendor management
  • Establishing new vendors and contracts
  • Initiating procurement projects and deploying procurement processes

We are also happy to help our customers in the contract creation process. Through our project management services, we can also assist you in the deployment of newly acquired services.