Innoite carries out both program and project management. Our customers can rely on us to manage their IT programs and projects so that the results turn out as planned and in time, while they are free to focus on their core business.

Our projects are always based on an analysis of the customer’s current situation. This allows us to clearly define the project’s goals, scope and the actions needed.

For any project to succeed, a thorough understanding of the organization’s resources, internal dynamics and responsibilities is required. This is why we aim to understand the customer’s situation and needs before project actions and investments begin.

Our project management services include:

  • Definition of project goals and actions
  • Project budgeting
  • Project planning
  • Project coordination and initiation
  • Follow-up and audit
  • Full project / program management service (all project manager tasks included)

Our full project management service includes the management of integration, time, costs, risks, scope, resources, procurement, quality and communications.